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At the beginning of the founding of MT WORLD, focusing on hand embroidery, hand heat transfer printing, hand production, has always adhered to the original intention, to create each unique work!

Years of hand-made experience is valuable accumulation, so we began to chase the dream of original brands! Create every baby with your heart and serve every "friend" with your heart.

We have a design center and supporting proofing center, can be keen to catch the trend and develop leading global fashion styles.

The company has a professional operation team to ensure that products can be completed and delivered with high quality, efficiency and cost-effective. From the world's multicultural integration of innovation, with a unique bold design language, interpretation of young self-confidence, personality fashionable temperament, showing a self-attitude, vitality of the force.

The company currently has more than 30 employees, design, development, handmade in one, the main business involves aprons, school bags, travel bags, hats, beach towels, holiday gifts and other customized products, annual sales of more than 1.5 million, 2022 to achieve revenue of 70 million.

The company will be committed to becoming the integrator and leader of the customized industry chain. Every praise is a recognition, can not be separated from the efforts of every member of MT WORLD, from design, material selection, production, shooting, post-production, pre-sales, warehouse delivery to after-sales service in every link we have the heart!

We will reply to every inquiry as soon as possible, whether it is support or criticism, welcome the support of customers and friends!

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